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Saw Google notification about a comment on YouTube. I was wondering why, I don’t remember commenting on it. When I clicked the link, saw this comment  on PopularMMOs’ Minecraft video.


It was Sean’s comment! He loves to watch PopularMMOs, Dantdm and Ssundee’s Minecraft videos.

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Walang Title

sean and me

Sean’s getting bigger each day, parehas kami, although siya lumalaki vertically at horizontally, ako horizontally lang. Haha! bakit ba, masarap kumain eh. 😛

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Today marks the 10th anniversary of this domain,

Found screenshots of 2 previous versions pre WordPress era.


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Visited Google homepage today and was surprised to see the birthday logo greetings.


Well, that’s something new to me. Thanks Google!

Yes, it’s my 18th birthday, 18 years ago. So it’s my 2nd 18th birthday! 🙂