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My Hometown’s Beautiful Beaches

I haven’t visited my hometown Sibale for three years now. Hopefully this summer, we can go there and have the much longed-for vacation. Sad though coz hubby wont be able to accompany us. Maybe next time. He haven’t been there, but I always tell him about how beautiful our island is. Of course I am not just bragging! 🙂

Aerial View of Sibale

Aerial View of Sibale, photo taken by Cris Ferrera. I spent the first 12 years of my life here, in the middle left side of the island. Proud to be promdi! 😀

I miss swimming in this place. Have good memories here too. 🙂

Adagan Beach - Sibale Island, Romblon

Adagan Beach - Sibale Island, Romblon

Tunggo Beach - Sibale Island

Tunggo Beach - Sibale Island

Adagan Beach - Sibale, Romblon

Sunset at Adagan Beach

Going to Sibale Island

Sibale Island Beach

Port of Sibale Island

Photo Credits: Mr. Michael Zantua and Miss Vanessa David

23 thoughts on “My Hometown’s Beautiful Beaches

  1. wooow…. nakakataba naman ng puso ang mga comment nila., dahil taga sibale dn poh aq, masaya aq at nagugus2han nyo place namin…

  2. yah I've been there in sibale when i met may honeys families and relatives….manghang mangha ako sa isla then i dream na jan ikasal sa tunggo beach….sobrang ganda ng tubig greenish blue ung mga isda and ang sarap magbakasyon ulit bitin nga ako eh…