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Desiring God’s Will

"desiring god's will" book gift from Honney

Thanks Honney Marie for the “Desiring God’s Will” book you sent for my birthday. I really appreciate it. So nice of you! I’m also looking forward to meeting you soon. 🙂

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My 93-year-old Grandfather

Me and Sean, with my 93-year-old grandfather when we visited him at the hospital. He’s already blind, he had cataract and glaucoma ages ago. He’s also half deaf, you have to talk near his ears so he could fully understand you. I promised to visit him and celebrate his 94th birthday on April 2012.

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Snapshot: Redesign

Redesigned. Almost finished. Still the same design but now it has WordPress post formats, post format icons and ribbons  too. 🙂

Design for Status post format

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Optical Illusion

See something else here?

Heels, of course! 😛

I asked Sean what it is and he says “pwet” (buttocks) My first thought as well haha! Optical illusion, it is.

sexy heels

Your feet can be sexy too