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The Reward of Trials

There are certain lessons of grace that can be learned only in the valley of pain and distress. Show me someone who has suffered much and deepened his dependence on God, and I will show you a sensitive soul full of compassion for others, and with a deep love for his Heavenly Father.

According to a legend, a king once placed a heavy stone in the roadway. Then he hid and waited to see who would remove it. Many who came by loudly blamed the government for not keeping the highways clear, but none assumed the duty of pushing the obstacle out of the way. At last a poor peasant stopped and rolled it into the gutter. To his surprise, he found a bag full of gold embedded in the road beneath the spot where the rock had been. A note said it was the king’s reward for anyone who removed the troublesome object.

So too, our King has hidden a blessing under every trial. The obstacles on our path are placed there for a purpose. By then, God tests our faithfulness, turns our attention heavenward, and gives us opportunity for spiritual reward.

Hidden under the “rock of trial” that has brought you “very low” is a special blessing. Take your burden to God, and in time you will find the divine favor.

Let us trust in our troubles,
He is loving, kind and wise;
And most often trials and troubles
Are but blessings in disguise.

— Author Unknown —

One thought on “The Reward of Trials

  1. Its really nice and inspiring.. my mother will be reading this before their flag ceremony tommrow… keep it up … !_!