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The Flood

One stormy day, the river was rising, and the police were going door to door warning everyone to evacuate because of the impending flood. At one house, the man who lived there, a very religious fellow, told them that he did not need their services, saying, “I will pray, and God will save me.”

The river continued to rise, and the man moved all his valuable belongings to the second floor of his house. A man in a boat, evacuating his own house, came by and offered to save him. Again he said, “No, no… I trust that God will save me,” and went on praying.

Pretty soon the second story was flooded and the man moved onto the roof with a few belongings. A police rescue boat came by, and they motioned for him to get aboard. The man just shook his head, insisting, “God will save me!”

The flood waters began to cover the top of the house as the weather got worse, and a rescue helicopter passed by, looking for last-minute survivors. They dropped a rope to the man, who steadfastly refused to climb aboard, yelling, “I trust that God will save me!”

The water grew deeper, and soon the man drowned. He showed up in Heaven, and asked to see God. “I always had faith in you, God,” he said. “Why didn’t you save me???”

And God said, “I sent two boats and a helicopter. What do you want?”

— Author Unknown —

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