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Flash Player Crashes Browser

How does it feel when you’re playing Farmville and suddenly your browser freezes? So irritating and frustrating isn’t it?


I’m using the latest versions of IE, Firefox and Adobe Flash Player but it still crashes from time to time. I also tried running Firefox in safe mode with no add ons but it still crashes in Farmville. I even installed Chrome and Opera but the problem persists. It would crash and I can only terminate it trough Task Manager.

I can play Farmville for few minutes then it would freeze, same with the other browsers. Sean plays Ben 10 and other flash games but browser doesn’t crash as it would in Farmville or any other similar applications in Facebook.


I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled everything because it crashed 10 times last night resulting to several BSODs. But that didn’t fix the issue. Flash player still crashes all my browsers. Arrgggh!

Funny thing is, I can use Firefox and other browsers without problem as long as I am not using Farmville. I am currently using Firefox with 5 tabs open and Chrome with 3 tabs open for more than two hours already and I am not having any problem at all.

Do you have any workaround? Well except from not playing Farmville, haha. Come to think of it, I should try to steer clear of Farmville. Honestly it has made me  unproductive these past few days. 🙁 Naging adik kasi sa Farmville.  LOL!

14 thoughts on “Flash Player Crashes Browser

  1. couldn’t agree with you more… ako din certified farmville adik.. sometimes i get up middle of the night just to harvest my crops, if only we can really earn real moolahs from it di ba.

    and its really annoying kapag the browser is hanging.. istorbo sa pagtatanim- teehee!

  2. Aww, sorry to hear that. Glad my PC at home hasn’t been broken eversince. I’ll be alarmed if I get those crazy BSODs! I sometimes play Farmville but until now I don’t know how to play it properly. Hehe. I just click here and there and just go with the flow. I guess I’m not really into games. Hope everything gets fixed right away so you can enjoy Farmville. Have a blessed day!

  3. Buti na lang marunong kang magayos ng pc. Ako namn ang husbanry ang marunong kaya no problem pagdating sa pc problems. If not may mga lumang pc or sa school.
    I don't play farmville kc no time dami kong ginagawa sa pc saka maraming application sa FB na medyo may problems at time consuming so mag free cell na lang ako pag napagod o kaya free rice nadadagdagan pa ang vocabulary ko.

  4. I don’t usually play at facebook, but I am familiar with the addiction it offers. ehehe. Just staying online is addictive to me already, what more if I start playing. Arrrrrrggggghhhhh….

    Anyway, good thing you are a techie mom. ::salutes:: I don’t even know how to back up, err, okay, I know a little. But that’s it.

    BTW, that must be a sign for you to stay away from Farming. LOL


  5. mukhang pinapatigil ka munang mag-Farmville a, hahaha…

    kung sa akin nangyari yan, di ko alam ang gagawin ko. buti na lang di ako naglalaro sa FB hehe…

  6. Baka sa Farmville ang problema, hahaa! So far, isang beses pa lang akong nakapaglaro sa FV at hindi pa ako naaadik. Dami nga daw nag-ka-cutting classes dahil lang sa Farmville at Farmtown. 🙂

  7. I don't really spend much time playing with FB's applications coz I know that sooner or later I will get so much addicted and become unproductive, LOL!

  8. Salamat sa mga comment nyo, hindi na nga muna ako maglalaro or babawasan ko na laro sa FB kasi nagiging unproductive na talaga ako haha. As in yung dinidesign kong theme 'napabayaan' ko na sa Photoshop di ko pa nako-convert sa WP. Kumusta naman yun.