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Please Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims

Hi guys, how are you? Hope you’re all doing well although typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana) severely whipped the country on September 26.

Unfortunately, our house (1st floor) had been submerged in a knee-deep water. It was my first time to ever experience this and I hope and pray it wont happen again. We spent the night at my in-laws in the 2nd floor. Even though we were so tired I couldn’t sleep well. How can I? I’m worried. My mind was restless. I prayed silently, I know this will soon be over. Tomorrow is another day. At times like this, there’s no one to hold on to but my faith in God. Some of our appliances and other valuable things were destroyed, but those can be replaced. What’s important is that we’re all safe.


Our cabinet in the living room, 1st pic taken @ 2 pm, 2nd pic @ 7pm


computer table submerged. Sofa is elevated using 2 chairs, buti di inabot


inside our room, before and after pics

I pity those who were badly hit by Ondoy especially those who lost their loved ones. It’s so heartbreaking!

Here are some of the pics I ‘borrowed’ from Facebook

ondoy-from-fb ondoy-from-fb2

ondoy-from-fb3 ondoy-from-fb4

Barrio Bayanihan I know some of you are wealthy enough and can afford to give, it’s the best time now to reach out and help. So please donate to Ondoy Flood Victims. Our friends at Barrio Siete started a campaign Barrio Bayanihan For Ondoy Victims, to help the victims. Donations will be remitted to the Philippine National Red Cross in Manila. As of press time, Barrio Bayanihan Fund for Ondoy Victims reached Php104,763 already. I am also asking my fellow bloggers to join this bayanihan fund drive.

Incidentally, I was tagged by Anna to pass this prayer started by Fr. Stephen Cuyos of Happy Faith.

Prayer for the victims of the typhoon Ondoy (Ketsana)

Loving Father, you are our shelter and our hope. We come to you with hearts full of trust in your love and mercy.

We pray for the victims of tropical storm Ondoy. May those who have lost homes and properties find shelter, enough food and clean water. Comfort those who are traumatized and those who are grieving for the loss of their families, neighbors and friends. Bless those who are sick and those who are injured that their health may be restored and their wounds cured. May you lead all who are stranded or lost back to those who love them. Guide the hands of the rescuers, the doctors and nurses and other volunteers and give them strength as they serve others with joy.

May this calamity bring people closer together, to help each other and to care for the environment. Give us the faith, the hope and the love to carry on. This we ask through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

I am passing this prayer tag to Melody, Marlene and Honney.

19 thoughts on “Please Donate to Ondoy Flood Victims

  1. Hi Amor,
    It's good that you and your family weren't materila things can be replaced although sometimes it take years but imagine those people in the pictures, too sad:(. I experienced a lot of floods and the worst part is cleaning and I'm glad I don't experience that anymore but who knows the effects of global warming in the future so I hope the government should really thing forward and people should be concern of the environment also just think what will happen to our children in the future.
    Thanks for posting the prayer tag.

  2. I feel for you, sis! Our house was submerged in water too (up until my waistline), my family and I had to stay at my mom-in-law's house for four days until we're done cleaning everything up.We even had to hire people to help us out. Many things had to be repaired in the house and we lost some of the new furniture we bought last month. Even my PC doesn't turn on anymore.

    But you know what, inspite of all these, I still feel very blessed. At first nanghinayang ako sa mga naipundar namin but what the heck? Those are just material things. We can buy them again with God's help. I just feel sad to those who lost their loved-ones in this catastrophe. Sana makabangon din sila.

    • OO nga sis, yung material things can be replaced. Pwede kang bumili ng mas maganda pa dun sa mga nasira, pero kung buhay yung nawala, no amount of money could turn it back.

  3. This is so sad. i am sorry you had to face these bad things. I had a simillar experience and i dont wish for no one to pass thru this:(