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My Poems had been Plagiarized

What would you feel if you’ve seen your poem being posted in another website? Would you be flattered? That person must have liked your poem that she decided to post it in her blog. But should you really be flattered? When all she can do is “copy-paste” the poem? She did not even mention the author’s name, or where she got that poem.

Last Sunday, while browsing, I found out that one of my poems is posted in ***** I really don’t mind at first, but then I realized that it’s kinda unfair on my part. If she would copy my poem, why didn’t she even cite the source. Her visitor may think, thats her poem, when it’s not. I am not asking for a link back, but at least she should have the “decency” to give credit where it is due.

This is the second time that my poem had been plagiarized. Thanks to, searching for copies of your page on the web is easier. But you are only allowed to perform 20 searches for your website per month. If you’re a Copyscape Premium Member, you are allowed to have thousands of searches per month. I already have searched for 20 pages this month, so I have to wait till next month. I haven’t checked all of my poems yet.

I decided to add Copyscape banner on my poem pages. Hopefully, potential plagiarists will think twice before they copy my poems. And I also hope that visitors who liked my poems will be kind enough to ask my permission before they post it in their blog.

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