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Loving TweetDeck

I’m so loving TweetDeck! It’s my favorite desktop Application for Twitter because of its fabulous  features. I love the fact that it can do so many things and I can look at everything in one place, at a glance. A Twitter addict that I am, I enjoy the experience more now using TweetDeck. I’ve been using it  for almost a month already.

TweetDeck is the most famous free desktop application based on Adobe AIR for Twitter.  It’s the most popular Twitter application next to the official website in terms of market share for posting new status updates. It is compatible with several operating systems available for Desktop, Laptop, iPhone and iPad.

Before Tweetdeck, I’ve been using Twitterfox (now Echofon) when I’m using Firefox, and Chrome Bird when I’m using Google Chrome. I still use these extensions from time to time, along with Twitthat and Twitterfeed that tweets the last posts published in a blog through the RSS feed.

TweetDeck 4 Columns

TweetDeck with my First 4 Columns – Updates from All Friends, WordPress Geeks, Blogger Friends and Mentions

TweetDeck 4 Columns

Tweetdeck with Direct Messages, New Followers, Search WordPress and Techie list

TweetDeck Facebook

Facebook in TweetDeck with Full News Feed, Status Updates and Photos

Some of the Features I Love about TweetDeck

  • You can choose to ReTweet using the new style (Send without Editing ) or Old style ReTweet (Edit before sending)
  • Facebook integration
  • Stay updated with Real-Time Search. You can create search columns for anything that interests you.
  • Manage conversations with @replies and direct messages.
  • Get organised with columns based on customized friend groups, and saved keyword searches.
  • Manage multiple Twitter Account. – Yes I have other account. I’d be impressed if you could guess what’s the other account 😀
  • Can specify or some other service for shortening URL.
  • You can sync your TweetDeck columns, groups and saved searches across multiple computers and your iPhone.

Do you like TweetDeck too? What other Twitter Clients have you tried?

12 thoughts on “Loving TweetDeck

  1. wow, kasali pa ako sa screenshot! hehe. me, too! i love tweetdeck! kahit nga nasa office ako naka-open ito lagi. isa ito sa mga tool ko sa sa work. LOL. tweet…tweet!

  2. meron palang ganito? Nakaka hiya, nasa IT field pa man din ako. Hehehe. masyado kasi na restrict ang attention ko sa work eh. Napag lilipasan na tuloy ako ng trend sa cyberworld.

    Thanks for sharing. Mag iinstall na din ako ng tweetdeck.

    • Hehe, okay lang yun, ako nga ilang months ko lang din ito napansin. And ever since eto na ginagamit ko.

      Thanks for dropping by Renz!

  3. Ang galing naman nito. Nakikita ko nga din ang ibang tweets "via tweetdeck". Mukhang ang daming pwedeng ma-view sa iisang site lang. Masubukan nga rin ito. Baka dito na ako maloka sa social networking. 🙂

  4. Tweetdeck is my favorite app by far. I really like Adobe Air applications, I use a variety of ones like to-do lists – fairly light weight.

    As for tweedeck, I love being able to have it all in one applications instead of going back and forth between pages as you would on Twitter.