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Friendster Blogs now Powered by WordPress

Friendster Blogs now uses WordPress

Friendster Blogs now powered by WordPress

I was visiting a friend’s blog in Friendster when suddenly I saw a different but familiar look. I even thought I landed on a wrong page. It’s different because when I visited his blog yesterday it wasn’t like that. It’s familiar because it now uses WordPress and the default WordPress theme based on Kubrick.

So excited of the ‘integration’, I logged in to the WordPress Dashboard in Friendster and see what are the other available themes. There are only 21 themes available. Hope they can add more in the near future, or better yet allow us to upload at least one of our preferred themes. Anywho, I used the Dixie Bell theme and added some widgets too.

When I checked the plugin page, it says ‘You do not appear to have any plugins available at this time’.

Anyway, it’s kinda weird because my old blog has two urls. The first is under the subdomain It’s the Friendster Blog old look. While the second url is in which is now powered by WordPress.

Old blog

Old Friendster blog theme

Old blog new Look

Old blog new look using WordPress theme

Although I am not using that blog anymore, I am still thrilled that it is now powered by WordPress. Who knows I might change my mind and ‘activate’ it again. As if naman I can manage to have several blogs, haha!

22 thoughts on “Friendster Blogs now Powered by WordPress

    • oo nga di pde mag upload ng theme. Katulad din ng dati, limited yung themes nila, pero mas mabuti na rin yun kesa kubrick lang ang choice, haha! buti sana kung pwede mo rin i-edit ang css para sana kahit pano mabago mo yung look.

  1. Amor,

    The problem with friendster blogs are: they don’t link out dahil naka-nofollow sila at talagang hindi nacra-crawl ng mga search engines ang mga links nila sa blogroll kahit na yahoo na dapat eh crawled yung mga links; and they are meant for personal blogs only dahil walang ganong plugins at tweaks na wpedeng gawin. So in $$$ terms, you can’t do monetization as much as you can with other platforms. Well, that was before they used this… ano ba tawag dito? Ah WordPress pala. 🙂

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  2. Dati nag-create ako ng blog sa friendster, then di ko nagustuhan ang mga layout nila kaya dinelete ko. Then create naman, then delete uli, hahaa!

    Agree ako kay Jessie, pang-personal blog lang talaga din ang Friendster. Dahil sa ang daming etse-buretse sa main account, di ko na nga napapansin na may blog pala ang ibang contacts ko. Pero ok na rin itong bago at pwede mo nang i-publish ang feed ng ibang blogs mo. 🙂

    Marlenes last blog post..Four Answers Tag

    • Yun nga rin ang gusto ko, pwedeng ipublish ang feed ng ibang blogs, haha!

      Di ko nga alam kung binabasa rin ng mga contacts ko ang friendster blog ko eh, pero ako binabasa ko nmn blog nila, yun nga lang di ako nagco-comment palagi.

  3. wow so it means pwede na ring makapag link ang friendster blogs? yey! hmm tingnan ko nga kung may improvements. Last year when I went out from the blog I deleted all my posts kasi I hate friendster blogs… it sucks haha

    • korek, pwede ng makapag link ang friendster blogs. Malaki talaga ang improvements because of the WordPress integration. For sure, mas marami ang magkakagusto nito compared sa dati na as you said, sucks! haha!

  4. I have never used that Friendster blog since but it looks interesting that it’s powered by WordPress now! That’s nice! I will let my lil sis know:D

    Just hopping by and reading some of your post..Happy Sunday!~

    Yens last blog post..When SAHM-one Speaks #8

  5. hi im a blogger too, so i was browsng the net to find a new theme for my blog, and urs wasnt in the choices of themed in friendster, how did u edit ur theme…tnx and god speed

    • hi! I’m using the Dixie Bell theme as you can see in the photo above, and it’s one of the 21 themes available in Friendster.

  6. hey amor, i’ve googled plugins for friendster blog n i stumbled to your page, anyway i’m a wordpress user too and got a couple of plugins and widgets in my wordpress blog that i want to try in friendster’s new blog, and i was just wondering if you by any chance have any idea on how to upload plugins on friendster, they probly didn’t put that plugin tab in there for no reason.
    tnx, u got a nice blog btw =]

    • Maybe Friendster is restricting the use of Plugins for security purposes. Sorry I don’t have any idea on how to upload plugins on Friendster if it’s not available.

      Thanks for the visit and for your comment. 🙂

      Amors last blog post..Little Photographer

  7. I guess it would be nice if you just make use of a stand alone wordpress blog site in which you can actually install themes and stuffs to enhance your blog isnt it?? Just like mine but am still enhaning it though…..


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