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First Ever Adsense Dollar

Got my First ever Adsense Dollar.

first google adsense payment

I had it on hold for more than a year but decided to remove the hold few weeks ago. I picked up the payment at Western Union but don’t ask me how much did I get coz I won’t tell you. LOL. Just enough to buy some burgers. Anyway, who wants this burger?

Grab it while it’s hot! ๐Ÿ˜€

53 thoughts on “First Ever Adsense Dollar

  1. One hundred years? That’s good news for me. Only 99 years more to go. Did you save something for web host fees? That’s one of my worries this year. Well, congrats on your milestone. Here’s to more frequent AdSense checks payouts in the months ahead. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Part of the adsense money I got would be payed for the renewal of my other domain sana, kaya lang, my webhost gave it for free na for 1 year as part of their promo. As for my webhost fees, I'm paid until January next year pa so sa susunod na adsense payout na lang siguro ulit. 100 years na naman, LOL! Thank you!

  2. Ay ang galing. Me, I'd dip into my savings na lang siguro muna. Puede ba collateral sa bumbay ang blog? Magastos na hobby ito, kailangang pag igebutihin na talaga for the love of blogging. Ahahahaha.

  3. haha, I love the humor about the burger (I thought a similar thing when I made my first dollar – all I could think is "yaay, I can buy almost half a gallon of gas").

    Keep up with it and you’ll be rockin in no time.

    • Hi Murlu, thank you. I hope so. It's sad you were not able to grab the burger while it was still hot, hehe ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Hi amor ako din meron na kaso wala pa yoong pin number ko. It's really a very fulfilling experienced pag ka kumikita online. Congrats on your first earning. Siguro by this time malaki na earning mo.

    • Thanks. I haven't checked it for quite sometime, not sure if nadagdagan, baka abutin na naman ng 100 years bago mawithraw hehe. Goodluck din sa yo. Hope you'll receive your pin sooner. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hey Amor, I hope you do better in Adsense in 2011.

    I don't call myself an expert, but definitely see something that you can improve immediately to increase your adsense earnings.

    Try these:

    1. Change your 468×60 ad above the fold to 336×280
    2. Add another 336×280 at the end of your article or comments (Try which is better)
    3. Add link units to either the top navigation or side.

    I'm pretty sure if you can implement the above, you will see improvement in your earnings.

    Hope this helps. Cheers!

  6. If you reposition your ads and continue writing interesting content over time you will see your earnings increase significantly. You should use the tools provided by AdSense and analytics and adapt your site accordingly.