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Feedburner Problem

I am having problems with my feedburner feeds and I don’t know how to troubleshoot it. When I open my feeds, it says

FeedBurner could not deliver this feed to you because of the specific problem listed below:
Feed Address:
HTTP Error (Code) and Message: (404) Feed not found error: FeedBurner cannot locate this feed URI.

I already went to Troubleshootize but couldn’t find exact resolution. I also tried FeedMedic but it says

No FeedMedic notices exist for this feed. Apparently, it’s been quite healthy. Well done on your part!

Was it a problem on my part or was it Feedburner’s error?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

23 thoughts on “Feedburner Problem

    • Yes Luis, I moved it just after reading your post last week. I just checked it by typing the feed url. It used to be working well before, I don’t know what happened. I wonder if it’s feedburner problem or if I did something wrong. Commentluv can not parse my last blog post too.

  1. Amor,

    May solution dyan na plugin ng wordpress fren. It’s called “fix-rss-feed”. May mga ganito na kong nabasang cases before. Even I had problems with my feeds pero dahil yun sa MySQL. This is similar to those I have encountered before. Try mo lang and maybe the plugin could help.

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  2. NI-check ko muna ang feeds ko bago nag-comment. Ok naman sa kin kahit di ko pa na-uupdate ang feeds url ko. Nung January ko lang na-move sa google. Wala pa naman akong na-encounter na ganito. Baka makatulong yung plugin ni Jess. 🙂

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  3. Hello Amor,

    I really want to help you but I’ve got limited technical skills…hehehe…You can ask Ambo of Pinoy Ambisyoso or Itot of 100% Batangueno. Sila magagaling sa trouble shooting.


    Snow ^_^

  4. Na test ko yung at hindi nga ito nadedetect.

    Kung galing kasi sa old feedburner magging dalawa ung feeds mo pero okey lang yun kasi automatic na marredirect na yun sa bagong feeds kaya dapat wag mong iddelete.

    Isa sa posibleng problema ay noong nagtransfer ka ng feed account mula sa luma to bago, check mo yung Original Feed and Feed Address, kung tama naman dapat walang problema.

    My suggestion is balik mo ung lumang feed address dito sa site mo kasi automatic na rredirect yun sa bago. Try mo! Sana makatulong 😉

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    • Ganun ba? Till now nag eerror pa rin talaga ang Feedburner ko. At para ma-parse ng Commentluv ang recent posts ko, yung original feed url ko na lang ginagamit ko.