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A Sony Handycam, at Last!

dvd755.jpgAt long last, I was able to buy one of my wishlists, and that is a handycam. We’ve long wanted to buy one, but life is hard, you know!

I bought a Sony DCR-DVD755 which originally cost P54,999 but I was able to purchase it at P29,999 would you believe?

When I went to Camera Haus in SM Manila first week of June, Sony had a Summer Sale Promo. The Sony DCR-DVD755’s discounted price then was P34,999, 20K off the original price. I don’t have the exact amount at that time so I just reserved the unit, and promised to be back next week. I thought I’ll be back in the next couple of days but it took longer than expected. And that’s because the special remittance that hubby sent (for that handycam) was delayed for reasons I don’t know.

Hubby insisted he already sent it through his company. I waited for days and when I checked my account, it isn’t there yet. So I called up his company to verify if it was already sent, the one I talked to said it was. How come? I haven’t received it yet! I told her I had my statement of account printed so I have some proof just in case the money really got lost. Looks like they had some problem, so she asked me to call again after few minutes. And so I did. She said she’ll deposit it in my account (that was Thursday). I even told her to double check if the account number was right. When I checked my account on Monday, June 25 I was really pissed that it wasn’t there yet, so I called the woman in charge of the special remittance again to ‘complain’. She told me to check again later in the afternoon. Haaay! But it never came.

I was already upset then because Camera Haus rung few days ago informing me that they’re lowering the price of the handycam. SM Manila have a 3 day sale and that they’re lowering the price to P29,999. I told her of my predicament and she said she’ll ask her boss if I can still avail of that price since I already reserved the unit. I wasn’t really expecting anything anymore.

I was actually feeling ashamed, (although they said it’s okay) so the next day, I shelled out some money in my savings account and paid some. It looks like an installment to me…. ha ha! I haven’t received the special remittance yet but I was thinking that most probably they’ll deposit it along with my regular remittance due first week of the month. And I was right.

Thanks to God, I finally purchased the handycam last week. So glad that I was also able to avail of the P29,999 price plus Free DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD Case, Body bag and Gear up Gift Certificate worth P10,000 in which I got 2GB memory stick, extra battery, 3 DVD-RW, tripod and density filter kit.

I have always believed that everything happens for a reason. Had I received the special remittance without delay I would have not availed of the P5k off. That’s almost equivalent to 5 pcs 1.6kgs Progress Gold and some nightly diapers.

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