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A Day at Manila Zoo

Last Tuesday, we went to Manila Zoo. It’s Sean’s 5th Manila Zoo visit, and the first this year. We first went there when he was 7 month old.

sean and daddy at the zoo last year

Sean and Daddy at the zoo last year

We decided to go to Manila Zoo again because he’s been telling me he wants to see the elephant, ostrich and giraffe every time he opens his picture dictionary. When I show him our pictures taken at our Manila Zoo trip last year, I saw the amazement in his face, he can’t believe “he actually saw” them already. Now, the more he is interested to have another zoo trip.

I thought our plan wouldn’t push through because it rained while we were preparing to leave. We planned to go last week but it rained so we just stayed home then.

It took us a while to get a taxi so we decided to ride a bus and head to SM Manila, ate at Pizza Hut then ride a jeep going to Manila Zoo.

fun at then petting zoo

Fun at the petting zoo inside Manila Zoo's Kinder Zoo

sean at the zoo

Sean at Manila Zoo

When we entered the gate he saw the elephant at the right side. He kept on saying, “Mommy very big oh! big elephant”. He can’t take his eyes off the elephant. Then we moved further to see the pythons, crocodiles, iguana, turtles, hippopotamus, zebra, monkeys, tiger, parrots, doves, pigeons, peacocks, ostrich, rabbits, etc.

He’s looking for the lion, giraffe, camel and other animals but there were none. He saw a giraffe but it’s only a statue.

I was busy taking videos of him as he explore around. Now, whenever he sees his video, he would always tell me he wants to go back to the zoo.

sean and ostrich

Sean and ostrich

22 thoughts on “A Day at Manila Zoo

  1. hi Jollibee, hehe. 🙂 Welcome to my site! First time kong pumunta ng Manila Zoo noong 6 years old ako, muntik pa akong mawala, haha!

    Amor’s last blog post…
    On My Own

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  3. im also planning to visit manila zoo along with my pamangkins this saturday. initial plan’s star city pero my mom suggested na zoo na lang para they get to see face to face the animals they’re seeing lang sa books and tvs.. is saturaday a good day to visit?
    or sobrang daming tao?

    • Okay naman ang Saturday sis, pero mas maraming tao compared kapag weekdays. Maganda din doon sa Manila Zoo yung Kiddie Zoo magbabayad nga lang ng another P40 pesos per head.

  4. Good Day! I found the zoo very attractive and a good tourist spot in the city. Been there too before and lots of memories since my childhood I recalled. =)
    Check out the manila website scroll down the middle of the page and you'll see a link to manila zoo page. =)

  5. You're right andrea! Good to know that the manila zoo has a page in the manila website. The place is memorable to most of manila people for most of us shared lots of good memories in the place.

    Thanks to the webmaster of Manila for sharing the place!!! =)

  6. I wish I could go back there 😛 Though I am a bit dissapointed because of the state the zoo is in right now, I mean Mali the elephant is shockingly going mad after thirty years of being imprisoned in that enclosure 🙁 and narinig mo na ba ung incident of Sisi the Orangutan? I just heard that she died of cancer alone in her cement cage…

    I wouldn't want the zoo to be destroyed, because it holds a million memories of mine, just renovate it completely! 🙂

  7. hello.. na eexcite nmn ako, punta kasi kmi sa thur sa manila zoo/kiddie zoo.. d last time ako nagpunta was 12yrs ago.. sna malaki n improvement ng area…
    same pdin ba rate?

    • Malaki na improvement sa Manila zoo, compared 12 years ago, mas maganda na sya. Most likely same pa rin yung rate na P40 for adult at P20 sa kids. 🙂