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Plagiarized Poem

Update: December 9, 2008 – The two plagiarized poems had been deleted. Thanks to the site administrator/owner of for doing me a favor. I really appreciate it. Thank you also to all who commented.

This is the second time I am posting about my poems being plagiarized. For the past few days, I’ve been collecting screenshots of different sites where you can see my plagiarized poems. I will be posting them in the coming days.

First in the list is my Saying Goodbye poem. Somebody copied the poem, and what’s worst, she’s claiming it’s hers. She even has the nerve to tell me she made the poem long time ago before I was born, that I was the one who took it from her because she has many poems in many places and that she has awards to prove it. Dream on, libre lang yan.

Duh! I don’t care if she is the best poet around or whatever. I also have lots of awards diba Nilo? haha, tingnan sa mga tags and awards category, nyek!

Seriously, I was googling my poem and was surprised to see 5 or more copycats. The other ‘offenders’ copied my poem as is, but didn’t bother to mention where they copied it from. But this person who submitted her poems in plagiarized my Saying Goodbye poem. She copied it, changed the title, and now claim it’s hers, ako pa ang pinapalabas na nangopya, ang kapal!

I wrote Saying Goodbye on March 26, 1995 when I was 18 years old. Huwag nyo ng itanong kung bakit ko isinulat yan, haha!

She submitted the poem on July 8, 2008 with the title “I could see we were on the edge”. But as you can see it’s more than 90% plagiarized from my poem Saying Goodbye. The underlined words are her own, while the underlined you’re is my grammatical error, which I then corrected to your in my poem.

I already sent email to but haven’t received any reply from them. ๐Ÿ™

Plagiarized poem

I commented on the page and said, I am glad she liked my poem. When I visited the site after few days, I saw there’s no reply so I commented again. But this time, I said “This is my poem…You copied it from my site and you just changed the title… I’m glad that you like it.”


Plagiarized poem - comments

I was expecting that she would admit she copied my poem, but she did not. Talagang pinapanindigan nya na sa kanya yun, haha! So I commented again, but she or somebody else deleted it today. I should have made a screen capture last night when I was still able to read my last comment.

I don’t exactly remember what I said except that I mentioned that LYING LIPS ARE ABOMINATION TO THE LORD – Proverbs 12:22; and A RIGHTEOUS MAN HATETH LYING – Proverbs 13:5.

I am not being self-righteous here, I am as evil as whoever and I also lied many times before but I do NOT claim somebody else’s work!

I am not bothered much by those people who copied my poems directly and not adding me as the author. But I am extremely offended that some people copy my poems and put their names on them. ๐Ÿ™

December 3, 2008 Update. I just want to add this screenshot of the same poem, but this time it has different title, I Could See We Wonโ€™t Last Long. Of course, same plagiarist pa rin, Carmen Santiago!

Same poem, different title

Same poem, different title. Click to view larger image

62 thoughts on “Plagiarized Poem

  1. Ang kapal nga ng apog niya, hahaa! Baka di nga yan makasulat-sulat ng biography niya, poem pa kaya. “Before you WAS born???” Simple sentence nga lang sa reply niya sa yo, mali pa. ๐Ÿ™‚ Sue her! Sue her!

    Marlene´s last blog post..Today Is The Day

    • Makapal talaga sis, and you know what, just to see kung hindi lang ako ang ninakawan nya, I tried searching some of her poems and I was right. Ayun, isinumbong ko sa original author ng poem, sinabi ko yung link, sabi nya iko-contact daw ng attorney nya yung site. Nagcomment din sya pero binura din ng bruha pag check ko ngayon.

      Amor´s last blog post..Plagiarized Poem

    • Mabuti nga po sa mga kanta lalo na sa mga sikat, minsan kahit walang author, alam mo kung sino ang original owner, singer o compositor. Di tulad sa poem, madali lang nakawin, unless kilala kang poet. Eh kung tulad naming nameless, kapag napunta sa ibang site at iba ang nakapangalang owner iisipin ng iba yun talaga ang may-ari, kaya nga hindi ko tatantanan yung magnanakaw na yun hanggat di nya close or delete yung page na yun.

      Thanks po sa pagbisita. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Yaiks..mahilig din pa naman ako gumawa ng poem pero wala ako paki kung may komopya kasi komokopya din ako pero diko naman inaari na akin oy..sama naman ng babaeng yun..Sue her! or Sew her!

    Joy´s last blog post..Work out Pill

    • Okay lang din nmn kung may kopya sis, kasi ibig sabihin that person likes your poem kaya kinopya, pero sana man lang ilagay yung author diba? Tapos ito ngang babaeng ito, inaari nyang sa kanya. Pipiliin ko na lang yung sew her, gusto ko syang tahiin… haha!

  3. ganun talaga siguro ang punong maraming bunga, hinahangaan pero binabato… para makuha ang mga bunga nito.

    Yung sa akin nga hanggang ngayon wala ng nangyari, marami kasi kumukuha nung mga photoshop works ko tulad nung Military Squirrel pero ganun talaga sa internet open field kaya pasensya na lang.

    • OO nga Nilo, marami ka ring original Photoshop works na napunta ang credits sa iba. Ito din kasi problema sa internet, hindi natin mapipigilan mga taong gustong mangopya. ๐Ÿ™

  4. If that’s makes her living, what an awful shame for her. You are the author and you’ll always be the author of your creation. She knew it. Wow, shame on her…..

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