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New Facebook Design, Like or Dislike?

Most probably you’ve seen the new redesigned Facebook interface. What can you say about it? What do you like and dislike about it?

new FB design

New Facebook design layout

What I Like

  • Requests and messages can be viewed at the top menu.
  • The dashboard for the Applications and Games shows the applications you and your friends have interacted with most recently.

What I Dislike

  • Not user friendly. I have to click several times to find what I need.
  • Update is so slow. News Feed is not even accurate. Have to click news feed a few times to update but it doesn’t seem to give real time update. Top posts were like 11 hours ago. Had to refresh several times again to see the new updates. Sometimes there are entries that I’ve just read 1 minute ago and when I refresh the page it suddenly disappear. It would be replaced with updates 30 or more minutes ago.
  • No more application and bookmark toolbar or navigation bar at the bottom of the page. You have to click back to the homepage to be able to switch to another application or games.

    FB bottom toolbar

    Application and Bookmark toolbar at the bottom of the page from the OLD Facebook layout

  • Status update is buried down the Friends Link in the Left menu.
  • No more links for all friends, all connections and recently added friends.
  • Hidden Logout. Have to click the account drop down menu to logout.

Oh well, I wish everything could be arranged according to our preferences. Or maybe they can give us an option to bring the old layout back, hehe.

How about you? Like or Dislike?

21 thoughts on “New Facebook Design, Like or Dislike?

  1. I like the old design better coz it's easier to navigate and it's easy to see the things you wanna see. I also noticed that with the new design, Farmville doesn't load very fast now. Hehe. At saka tama ka, the logout option is hidden under the account tab. Nakakahilo.

  2. It is somewhat confusing at the start and yeah, like you i was baffled at where to log out at first. But well, i guess we just have to get used to it.

  3. As for me, I like the new design kasi halos nasa itaas na ng page ang mga links na ginagamit ko. I am not into apps and bookmarking that’s why I didn’t notice these things. Though when I added a friend’s request, the option to add him/her on a certain list was gone now. Naka-organized kasi ang friend’s list ko. With the new layout, I have to view my list first before I can move a newly added friend into a list. And it took long before I found the logout link, too. Muntik ko nang i-close na lang ang browser ko.

    • I'm not playing any Facebook games na rin! Cheers! hehe! Regarding the overall design, I like it naman, I just missed those bookmarks coz I was a heavy gamer back then hehe. Tska, hindi sya masyadong updated sa mga wall post noon at may nawawalang post then babalik ulit. Pero okay na sya now, so more on like na ako ngayon hehe.

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