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Sweet WordPress Child of Mine

I’m 80% done with my first WordPress child theme. I’ve been working on and off this child theme for quite some time now on my wptest site. Since I’m into child theme nowadays, I’m thinking of selling some of them in the future.

Meanwhile, this Sweet WordPress Child of Mine is created for Ghostbird. Ghostbird is a free one-column theme for WordPress by Michael Fields. And because of my lack of creativity in naming things, I just named this theme  Oh My Gosh!


Oh My Gosh Child Theme

A WordPress child theme is a theme that inherits the functionality of another theme, called the parent theme, and allows you to modify, or add to, the functionality of that parent theme – WordPress Codex

In order for you to use a Child theme, you have to install the Parent theme too. Just recently I decided to use this theme on my WP theme playground. Obviously it has different colors and slightly different navigation bar. That’s what I like about child themes. So easy to change everything without changing the parent theme files.

WP theme playground screenshot

Oh My Gosh child theme - Currently on WP theme playground

I’m trying to support all post formats in this theme. Earlier this year, I started converting one of my old themes to Twenty Ten child theme. I think I’ll be doing more Child themes in the future.

Update: After a million years Oh My Gosh is now available for download. Go and read my post about it. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Sweet WordPress Child of Mine

  1. Nice works.
    Now I knew what's the meaning of a child theme.

    Recently I just won a Genesis Framework from a giveaway. Is there any "parent theme" for the framework? Because I knew there are only child themes for the framework.

    Or, should I call the the framework as the "parent theme" ? 😀

    • Thanks Affan. You have a Genesis Framework? Wow, you're so lucky to have won that. I would want to have one too. Currently I can't afford to buy it. Maybe someday. 🙂

      Yes, Genesis is a robust Parent Theme, I love their Tapestry Child theme.

    • Thanks Brad! really appreciate it and I wish I had your coding skills. 🙂

      About that theme, sure, would be happy to work on it. 🙂

  2. its nice of you to tweak the template of your blog. I just use free templates and with some moolah on blogging, I occasionally request for a blog makeover.

    I love the Oh My Gosh!

    • Hi Tina, thank you. It's okay to use Free templates/themes as long as you got it from reputable sources like, Themelab, Smashing Magazine, ThemeShaper and the likes. Some free themes from shady sites have hidden malicious codes.

  3. Ate Amor, galing ah. Di pa rin ako makagawa ng sarili kong theme due to time-constraints. Gusto ko kasi tipong magazine style pero customized.

    I changed the layout of 1011, sariling theme ko na, finally. Medyo simple and minimalist ang gusto ko, and consistent to previous layout. I hope na-achieve ko yun. Paki-critique pag may time ka. 😛

    • Thanks Kuya Kiko. Congrats on your new theme. I'll be changing theme on this site too, well, not really changing pala, editing lang, dagdag bawas, parang comelec lang. 😀

  4. Great Theme! I'm used to see tons of wordpress themes so uglys…but this one you make is really gret.
    The only problem is the one column design…When I do a wordpress site need a side column…but well, nothing is perfect!
    Great creation!

  5. Hi, Amor! Tnx for sharing! You are truly creative! I've just added your site on my FRIENDS list, I wish to be added here as well! Cheers! =)

  6. Buti pa ang ibang themes may child themes na, pero ako kahit child theme wala, lol!
    OMG! Oh My Gosh child theme is awesome! I like both the look and the name. I'm looking forward to the final touch of this, Amor.

    • Thanks friend. I want to support all post formats but now am not sure if I can still do that. Want to finish this child theme so I can release it this month.

    • Thanks a lot. Kaya mo nman yan, ikaw pa. You can even do it faster than me. Minsan kasi on and off ako eh, I'm being inconsistent. Masyado kasi akong distracted sa mga bagay bagay.