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Site Problem

For few hours in the last two days, my site is unavailable. At first, the problem was error establishing a database connection. My webhost’s MySQL server must be down at that time. Then after few minutes when I checked again, this site and even my webhost’s website is totally unaccessible. Server not found! Ouch!

According to InternetSeer’s Recovery Alert on my email, my site was on error yesterday for 5 hours, 45 minutes, 40 seconds. On Wednesday, it was 53 minutes, 40 seconds on error. There was also a recommendation to upgrade my hosting and to get reliable, affordable business hosting at another webhost.

I don’t know what happened why it took so long (almost 6 hours?) before this site became available.

11 thoughts on “Site Problem

  1. Mga friends, I’m thinking of changing webhost na nga eh. Siguro isasabay ko na pag nag expire ang domain ko this year. Honestly, I’m still undecided, pag nagkaka problema kasi sa site, naiisip ko umalis pero pag okay na nman, parang wala lang. 5 years na nga ako rito eh. Fickle minded talaga ako no!

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    Site Problem

  2. Ouch! I’ve experienced that a lot with my old American host (I have websites hosted in Holland and Germany and never had single problem) that’s why I moved….to a Canadian host naman this time *lol* So far so good. The costumer care and tech support are awesome. I did some digging and found out that this company is still small that’s why they’re able to give their clients full support…I am satisfied.

    Would you like to try it? Email me and I’ll let you know.

    God Bless you, Amor!

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  3. Once I face this very common “operation aborted: site can not open” problem, it ate my head for a complete one day, only the other day I was able to do something about it, I was so depressed and feeling that If I could not made any possible solution for this problem I would die 🙂

  4. hi Shanker, welcome to my site!

    I have not encountered the operation aborted problem yet, but I wish I wont. I have had enough. Haha! If ever, at least now, I know someone to ask to when problem such that arises.