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Friendster Overlay Generator Apps Not Working

I have long wanted to create my own Friendster layout, and after few hours of searching on how I could do it, I finally decided to use Markyctrigger’s Overlay Generator.

Friendster logo

I already created the design, a WP theme I created for a friend that I turned into Friendster layout sana. What’s annoying is that when I was about to add the Friendster Overlay Generator Apps it says:

The app could not be updated. Please try again later.
Page being viewed: /widget_add.php

And now it says “Error. App. not found”. Huwaat? I just spent few hours editing the Friendster menu and navigation links and adding the  Friendster script modules then all my efforts will be futile naman pala!

Also <embed> and <object> is no longer working.  🙁

January 30 Update: Well, I don’t have to wait that long naman pala.  Friendster Overlay Apps is now working. You just have to add .

I already tried it and it works, except that I have to tweak my css code, ang lalaki ng fonts at pictures haha!

Hmmm, confusing. It works but after a while it says “Error. App. not found” again, shocks!. 🙁

53 thoughts on “Friendster Overlay Generator Apps Not Working

    • Thank you, wala namang handa kaya hindi nangumbida haha.. Aquarian ka rin ba? So kelan birthday mo? Tapos na o hindi pa? Dami tanong, happy birthday din. 😀

    • Thank you Luis. Yes it’s my birthday, last Friday hehe.

      Sorry for not making it clear. Friendster Overlay Generator Apps lets you customize your Friendster Profile with your own design. You can even have it redirect to your website.

    • Hi Kristine, naghihigpit yata ang FS lately sa mga apps kaya deactivated yung iba. Nakaka frustrate nga pag ganun. Kaya nga ako itong Overlay lang gamit kong apps.

  1. guys …san po makakakuha ng web builder for friendster overlay sana…

    onti lang alam ko sa adobe eh…

    old builder pa gamit ko…

    • Hi Argie, wala akong alam na web builder para sa friendster overlay. Mine was done using Adobe Photoshop land the codes were coded in HTML/PHP editor lang. But I couldn’t have done it without the help of Marky’s Apps.