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Friend Request Denied

Somebody sent a friend request in Facebook. But I have no plans of accepting it.


Wwwwhaaattt? I need him daw so I have to add him???!!! Parang gusto kong kumanta. “How did you know, I needed someone like you in my life”.

Assuming ka ha. Friend request denied. Tseh! 😀

28 thoughts on “Friend Request Denied

  1. Ang lakas naman ng loob ng requester na yan. Ayan na-sequester tuloy, hehee! Ayaw ko rin sana mag-accept ng hindi ko kilala. Sa susunod ganito rin gawin ko. 🙂

  2. Rightly said. Even I too get many many friendship request. Previously I use to check if they know me or not and I will accept them mostly. But now a days I am aware of. Facebook has become a place for spamers to play around and I too just click deny button and fade them away!

  3. that is why there is an ignore button, i only add friends whom i knew for quite some time but for those arrogant request F*** him/her! I dont care, i can live my life without that s***! hehehehehehe…..

    Sorry for those words, di naman halata eh, i remembered tuloy yung isang A**-**** na nag post sa FB ng GF ko… nakakabwiset!

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