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Donate for a Cause

It’s three tag in a row, that’s what happens when you’re away for few days. And just like Marlene, I can’t let this A Tag For A Cause wait.

Thousands were killed and many are homeless when a cyclone devastated Myanmar. In China, many people were buried under the rubble of the buildings when a very strong earthquake toppled buildings and schools.

Let us help the survivors by giving a donation, you can do so by clicking all the banners below. Please make the effort and donate something even just your time to visit these links. Thank you in advance. 🙂

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One thought on “Donate for a Cause

  1. Thanks Amor, for doing this tag. I’m watching news on tv right now and there’s another earthquake again in Colombia. Bakit kaya nangyayari ang mga ito nang sunod-sunod pa. Parang may nagagalit yata sa mundo natin.

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    A Tag For A Cause