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Barrack Obama Hillary Clinton Scandal Facebook Virus

There’s another virus spreading like wildfire in Facebook.  The Barrack Obama-Hillary Clinton Scandal Facebook Virus. It is being sent through the application Barack Obama Exposed. Once you receive it, it will spread automatically without user intervention. “You” will automatically spam your friends’ wall. So don’t open it, just remove it from your wall immediately.

barack obama hillary clinton scandal facebook virus

First saw it on my wall yesterday (April 10).  My sister ‘sent’ this to our common friends, and I was like, wait… something’s wrong! I doubt my sister would ever send something like this. Besides it says “Name of FB Friend, you have to see this”. She ‘sent’ that to someone we call Manong and since there was no Manong (Kuya) in her message, I doubt it was really her who sent it.  She said someone sent her that video but she didn’t open it, that’s why she’s wondering why it’s sending messages to her friends too.

There came a notification that 2 of my high school friends posted something on my wall. The Barack Obama Hillary Clinton Scandal again. There’s no way I’m gonna open that. I doubt if they sent it too.  I can sense that once you receive the video, it will auto generate a message to random friends.

I googled for this Barack Obama Facebook Virus but there are only 2 posts mentioning it yesterday.

  • Fake Sex Scandal Spam Campaign Involving Barack Obama Spreads Malware posted on September 9th, 2008. This is not about the Facebook virus spreading recently but about the same video scandal circulating over emails. It says:

    Emails are circulating with fake news of a sex scandal affecting one of the candidates. Recipients of the email are encouraged to view a video supposedly involving the Democratic candidate Barack Obama. Users who click the link are shown a pornographic video and while the video plays for 14 seconds, malicious applications are installed on the victim’s machine.

    The email encourages users to download and run an infected .exe file. MD5 of the Trojan Dropper is 26B861DF715549C537C28E4D60D8D0B7. The dropper installs 809.exe in the user’s Temporary Internet Files folder. Also a Browser Helper Object (BHO) named Siemens32.dll is registered. This is an information-stealing application that currently posts data to a compromised Finnish travel site.

    The attack loads spyware onto compromised PCs. Once harvested, stolen information from infected PCs is posted to a compromised web server in Finland, controlled by unidentified hackers.

  • Facebook Users beware of the Barack Obama Exposed Application posted on April 10, 2010 says:

    Have you noticed your friends posting on your wall with something like this: “xxxx, you have to see this!” and it posts a video that says something about a video scandal of President Obama and Hilarry Clinton. Apparently, most of my friends were infected with this and are now spamming the walls of their friends. The application looks fishy and who knows what it will do to your profile so I suggest you don’t click on the link once it appears on your wall. Better if you can block the application itself.

From the Koobface Virus Fan Page its says

*WARNING* KOOBFACE VIRUS attack at your Facebook wall. Don’t open if someone wrote to your wall about “Barack Obama Hillary Clinton – Sex Scandal”. It will lead you to download the KOOBFACE VIRUS. (please pass)

Confused about Virus, Worm, Trojan? They are all malwares or malicious softwares. Wikipedia says:

The term “computer virus” is sometimes used as a catch-all phrase to include all types of malware, including true viruses.
Software is considered malware based on the perceived intent of the creator rather than any particular features. Malware includes computer viruses, worms, trojan horses, spyware, dishonest adware, crimeware, most rootkits, and other malicious and unwanted software.

How about you, did you receive this scandal video? Did you open it? I did not! So, what did you see? 😀

23 thoughts on “Barrack Obama Hillary Clinton Scandal Facebook Virus

  1. kaya nga ako, dinelete ko agad. ang daming ganyan sa fb lately… ibig bang sabihin nun, hindi secure ang fb?

    • I think secure pa rin naman, it's just that may mga tao lang talaga na pasaway hahaha, just like the creator of this Koobface worm. They are constantly changing to avoid detection. Yung ibang worm dinadaan through group or pages, events, etc. Anyway, pag nadetect naman ng FB, they remove them daw agad. Sabi nga sa FB Security Page nila – "Safety and security are our top priorities"

  2. This is strange. I actually clicked the link..not because it was a sex scandal but because I thought it was a different scandal like exposing something in politics. I didnt even see that "Hilary" was involved. So funny.

    Well, a permission page appeared when I clicked the link. When I got to the permission page, I closed it already since I didnt want a lot of apps on my wall.

    Nothing actually happened on my fb.

    But..I got paranoid because I clicked the said virus. So I googled it. I found out that the virus was called Koobface which is a worm.

    I searched koobface on my pc and found nothing. Lol. So I guess I didnt get the virus at all. Hehe. xD

    • Yes it is Koobface worm, anagram of Facebook. As stated above my sister did not even open it. Ganun naman kasi ang worm diba, it doesn't need human interaction to spread. It can spread to other computers by secretly and automatically emailing themselves to your contacts and your contact's contact lists too.

      We were just lucky coz even if we received it, nothing actually happened on our FB account.

  3. hey, an old officemate posted same thing in my wall.. i did not open the application 'cos i was not really interested.. deadma ako lagi sa mga apps na yan.. hihi.

    • I notified my friends through Wall Post. Was only able to blog about it, a day after.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting. 🙂

  4. Darn, again, andito na naman sila, mga gugagawa ng ground breaking story para makapag pasok ng virus sa ibang people.

    Guys, be vigilant. Remember, facebook and other highly visited social networking site is a big target for those bad guys.

    • Korek ka jan, ang kukulit nila no. It's an old video sort of scandal during Obama's election in 2008 circulated over emails spreading virus to those who open it. Ngayon naman ginawa nila through Facebook, maybe because they now, mas mabilis ang sharing sa FB at maraming adik dito! 😀

  5. its a good thing i did not open it, was not interested in these scandals and barrack obama… hehehehehehehe….

    nagtaka din ako dahil, di ko naman close na frien, nag share sa akin.. hehehehe.. deadma lang… cge i delete ko na nga….

    • Not interested in scandal too, haha!

      I did not open it too coz I was afraid it will spam my wall tulad ng nangyari sa akin dati using who viewed profile apps. But I did visit the application page. Curious kung anong pinag-uusapan doon.

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  7. some friends posted this on my wall and i’m glad i didn’t open it. kasi naman sa title pa lang, mukhang scam na. hehe. btw, sayang naman at di na kayo matutloy sa singapore….pero di bale, may next time pa naman. yayain mo na lang si hubby paguwi nya. hehe. mura lang naman ang airfare to singapore. i’m sure kaya nyong pag-ipunan.

    • Korak, title pa lang scam na.

      Re: Singapore, okay na yun haha… it's not meant to be siguro talaga. Who knows in the near nearer nearest future perfect tense! Haaay, kaka tense! 😀

  8. i received din po from two of my fb friends…nagtaka din ako kasi ung isa eh ni minsan nga di nag message sakin…hahaha..tapos, bigla parang close na ulit kami at first name basis pa? pero i wasn't interested kaya I did not open it. then after a few minutes, ung isa naman, when I saw na pareha ang intro eh nag doubt na ko..thanks sa reminder sis…

    • Dyan din ako nagtaka sa first name basis. At saka yung name lang talaga ng recepient ang napalitan, the rest parehas. Unlike kung totoong video, dapat iba iba ang message diba.