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A Rosy Life Star Choi Jin Sil Committed Suicide

Choi Jin Sil

Choi Jin Sil

After Jung Da Bin, another Korean Star committed suicide.

A Rosy Life Star Choi Jin-sil, 40, one of South Korea’s most popular actresses was found dead at her home in Seoul, South Korea. Choi’s mother found the actress, hanging by an elastic bandage in a shower stall. Chief Investigator believed she committed suicide.

In Choi’s text message to her makeup artist she said “My dear, I hope you take care of my children if something happens to me.”

According to wikipedia

Choi Jin-sil (December 24, 1968 – October 2, 2008) was a South Korean actress and model. She was considered one of the best actresses in South Korea, nicknamed “The Nation’s Actress“.[1] On October 2, 2008, Choi was found dead at her home, and the police chief stated that it was “obviously suicide”.[1] It has been speculated that negative comments by Korean netizens[2] and rumours regarding her lending money to Ahn Jae-hwan[1] contributed to Choi’s depressed state.

Choi had also been depressed since her 2004 divorce to baseball player Jo Seong-min and worried about how to care for her two young children.

A Rosy Life, a leading drama series in South Korea was shown in the Philippines on October 2006 over GMA7. This is the story of a housewife named Betsy (Choi Jin-sil) who was left by her husband to be with another woman. Later, when she is diagnosed with stomach cancer, her family finally realizes what she means to them. The series ended when Betsy and her husband went to a honeymoon trip where she eventually dies. Such a tearjerker!

Here’s A Rosy Life opening theme from Youtube.

19 thoughts on “A Rosy Life Star Choi Jin Sil Committed Suicide

  1. Thank you for this site…sa katunayan nga ako nga minsan naiisipan ko ngayon magpakamatay sa dami ng problema na natatanggap ko ngayon…grabe parang life din ni choi…wala akong masabihan sa laht ng problem ko…parang ayaw ko na mabuhay sa mundo eh….pagod na po ako!!!!!

    • Hi Angelina. Naku bothered naman ako sa comment mo. Wag ganun, life is precious. Lahat naman tayo may problema eh, mas mabigat pa nga ang problema ng iba. But it doesn't mean dapat na tayong sumuko. Be strong Angelina. Everything happens for a reason. We may not understand it but trust that God is still in control. He won't allow you to be tested beyond your capability to remain firm. Sabi nga sa nabasa kong quote – "Sometimes GOD pushes us to our LIMITS…HE tests us beyond our ENDURANCE, because He has greater FAITH in us than we have in ourselves!"

  2. IMHO I think she committed suicide because of the cruel trials she was going through at the time. Korea is still ultimately conservative and vicious gossip can make or break a career in their entertainment industry as depicted in "A Love to Kill". She may be a famed actress but after bravely coming forward as a battered wife (bugbog sarado siya as in dati sa asawa niya), she was ultimately ruined from then on for the ff. reasons:
    1. She lost most of her endorsements and was even sued for breach of contract in failing "to maintain dignity and honor" (in other words failing to act like you have a perfectly glamorous life, perfect house, perfect family etc.). In fact, even after her suicide her children still had to pay for the damages as heirs to the suit their mother incurred. (Therefore, Rihanna should be thankful she's not a Korean celebrity or else Rihanna would pay the price instead of Chris Brown.)
    2. She won the custody battle during the divorce with her husband (yung nangbubugbog sa kanya) but only on the condition that the husband's debt to her family will be null and void.
    3. She now has 2 kids by divorce w/c in Korean standards is equivalent sa babaeng disgrasyada. This made her the prime target for cyber bullying. So when her friend's husband committed suicide, the general public speculated that she was to blame na kesyo imoral nga kasi siya kaya siya daw yung isa sa mga loan sharks who was after Ahn Jae-hwan who got pressured into suicide kasi nga baon na siya sa utang.

    A victim of double-standards she had become hopeless.