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Thanks God

Last few weeks ago, my husband met an accident while he was on board a chemical tanker (where he works). I had no idea what he was going through. I thought he was doing well since we talked over the phone few days ago.

On August 28, he rung to tell me he’s going home and he’s in the hospital somewhere in Argentina (for 5 days already). I was so shocked! I hope I was just dreaming. He said he fell off the ladder few hours after we talked on August 22. He was brought to the hospital immediately and had his right leg x-rayed to see if it was broken…. thanks God it’s not.

I was so worried and can’t sleep well, he didn’t call before his scheduled flight so I don’t know what happened to him. Gladly he was able to text me while on stop-over at Frankfurt Airport.

We fetched him at NAIA around 8:05 PM August 31. It was so odd because I saw him sitting on a wheelchair. He also uses crutches when he walks.

He’s on his way to recovery and I am happy that he is home now. We have a lot to thank God for.

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