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Canon Ink Cartridge Savings

If you’re like me who take a lot of pictures, then printing it costs a lot of money. Few months ago, I decided to print my photos at home, with the added bonus that I can edit it first through Photoshop. It may not be cheaper but at least, it’s convenient for me. Well, I do not print them all as printer ink is so expensive, hey, I am not rich huh!

I also print recipes, inspirational stories, cheat sheets, web design and WordPress related articles and have them book binded. I have physical copies of articles that I want to read from time to time and so that they don’t only stay in my computer.

Recently I printed worksheets and practice tests my son can work on during his two-week semestral break. I was able to print 2 pages, but the printer ran out of ink. Yay! Just when I need it badly.

Instead of buying a new cartridge, I thought it would be more cost-effective to buy ink cartridge. They are affordable and can be easily found online at, the leading provider of ink cartridges from top brands including HP, Epson, Canon, and more! They have all the compatible Canon Ink Cartridges you need, with high quality performance comparable to Canon original ink cartridges but sold for smaller prices. You can also save 10% on their Bonus Coupon Code. Buying 3 or more cartridges will give you ‘major major’ savings. They also give Free Photo Software on all orders over $55. Good quality for less. What more can you ask for?

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