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Spam Magnet

Everyone hates spam comments, spam email, spam tweet, flatter spam, anything spam (except the food of course), who doesn’t? I wonder if this site is a spam magnet. Dealing with spam comments daily is annoying. I have to check every comment eaten by Akismet and see if it’s really spam and not ham. There are 3-5 legitimate comments from few blogger friends whose comment has been eaten by Akismet, so I have to check first before clicking the empty spam button.

Annoyed with all the spam comments I get, I started blocking/banning their IPs, one by one with the help of WP-Ban plugin. I would search first their IP address range and check how many spammed comments came from that IP, then I would block them all. I’d check the Ban Stat after a week and then reset it. But for more than 2 months now, I haven’t resetted the stat and just let the numbers accumulate. Here’s a screenshot of my latest ban stat. 33,855 total attempts and 16,199 came from one IP address. Seeing these numbers make me sick. Seriously.

Blocking IPs may not be a good idea, there’s a consequence to it, but it’s my choice for now. I might remove it one day if I find a better solution to my spam problems. Currently my Spam folder is 0 and I only receive 5 – 8 spam weekly, unlike before.

How about you? How do you deal with spams?

6 thoughts on “Spam Magnet

  1. Kainis talaga ang spam. I used to have many before at kung anu-anong spam fighter na lang ginamit ko pero ganun pa rin. Lately, I installed NoSpam NX, ok naman ito, nabawasan ang spam comments. Parang detailed itong WP-Ban plugin kasi nakikita ang stats. Might try this after upgrading my WP.
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    • Try ko rin yang NoSpam NX na yan, feeling ko kasi yung ibang comments galing sa automated spambots. Itong mga spammers kasi, ang hilig magsayang ng oras, pati tayo idinadamay.

    • Must have din ang Akismet eh, so far ang accuracy rate ng Akismet sa akin based sa stat ay 99.77% from 281,011 total spams since 2008. Now ko lang din nakita na last year pala ang pinaka maraming spam kong nareceive, kala naman nila makakalusot sila.

    • Hi Jean, that’s a good suggestion. This site being powered by WordPress, I can also enable registration so that only registered users can comment. But I won’t do it because it’s my pet peeve. There are several blogs I’ve visited that requires an account before commenting, that turns me away, I ended up leaving the site. But if I really really have to comment, I might try registering, otherwise I’ll just leave.