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WordPress Test in Smarterer

WordPress Test in Smarterer ‒ I’m having a good time answering WordPress test in Smarterer. On my first try I got 730+, gosh I don’t even remember my exact score! It’s on the ‘Expert’ level, but I’m not convinced. I’m no expert okay, maybe the questions were easier then that’s why I got that score. Just today, I saw there are added questions so I answered it and oh my! it’s so difficult, very very difficult. Nosebleed ito! With the blue line showing how many seconds left, I’m like, oh please give me more time to think. Now, my score is down to 684, still in the ‘Proficient’ level. Will be back again and see if there are newer questions. I won’t be surprised if I get score below 450. But what the heck, I don’t care! I just love answering this test on WordPress. How about you, have you taken any of the Smarterer tests?

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