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I was so afraid yesterday when I woke up because I was shivering and I don’t know why. I felt so cold all over that I decided to get up and wear sweater and socks. But that was not enough. I was still shaking so I got some blanket and wrapped up my self. I still can’t control my shivering. We’re only using 1 electric fan that’s set to number 3. It’s the first time that I experienced the shivering, and it was not even cold. The room temperature was just few degrees lower than 30° C. But I felt as if I am in a winter land. My hands were numb as if I have just touched an ice.

My sister said I was too hot to touch, my body temperature was 39° C. I took one paracetamol and drink lots of lukewarm water. Sean even said, “Mommy ang init mo, pwedeng magluto sa face mo!” 😀

I don’t know what may have caused the quivering. I had warm body massage the other day at SM in a massage chair. When I was through, Sean said he wanted to pee. I accompanied him to the comfort room and washed his and my hand. I didn’t even think I should have not washed my hand immediately after the massage. Back at home, even if I felt tired, I managed to post here since it’s been a week since my last post. I slept at around 2 AM. I woke up at 6:00 AM and slept again. At 8 AM I was awakened by the chilly feeling and trembling.

They said what happened to me might be pasma. But I really don’t believe in pasma. According to Wikipedia

Pasma is attributed to an interaction of “init” (heat) and “lamig” (cold). Under certain conditions, the body’s muscles (kalamnan) are said to be “hot” and should not be too quickly brought into contact with “cold,” in this case usually meaning cold water or air from a fan or air conditioner.

Until now, I still feel unpleasantly cold at times with less shivering than yesterday. Before, I can’t stand the heat. I would always open a fan. But nowadays, I can manage without it. I just wish I get over this chilly feeling soon.

What do you think, is this pasma or not?

31 thoughts on “Pasma

  1. Friend, baka reaction yun sa warm massage at sa lamig ng mall kaya naging pasma. Palabiro pala yang anak mo ha, hahaa! I continue mo lang inom ng gamot then observe kung hihinto ang chill.

  2. Never heard the term pasma before… I will say that my friends had a term called panuhot, and there was another wild term from my malay speaking friends in Jakarta…

    I will say this, I never diagnose myself. I think paracetamol is wonderful until it doesn’t work….

    I do hope you get better soon, though

    Keiths last blog post..Exploration on Hold…

  3. Ang isa sa nakikita kong sanhi nyan ay ang sintomas ng UTI or urinary tract infection…well just a guess ganyan din kc ung nangyari sa kakilala ko. Pero the best kung magpacheck-up k nlng…doktor lng kasi ako sa graphics 😉

  4. @Marlene, oo nga, hanggang ngayon nilalamig pa rin ako at sa umaga may lagnat, tuloy naman pag inom ko ng gamot. Sabi nung isang ale dito nabinat daw ako. Naku, talagang palabiro yang si Sean, one time nga nasa taxi kami kumanta sya ng bahay kubo, alam nya naman yung kanta pero on that particular day nilalaro nya yung song. Pinapalitan nya yung ibang lyrics, “sitaw bataw talong… sa paligid ay puro talong…tawa nga ng tawa yung driver eh kaya ayun ayaw na tumigil puro kalokohan na kinanta. 😀

    @Keith, thanks for the concern. I hope you too will get better soon.

    @Jessie, thanks friend.

    @Nilo, I don’t think it’s UTI. Pag di pa nawala fever ko this weekend, pupunta na ako sa doctor. Natawa ako dun sa doctor sa graphics. In fairness, doctor ka talaga dun with PhD pa! 😀

    Amors last blog post..Pasma

  5. My sister said I was too hot to touch, my body temperature was 39° C. I took one paracetamol and drink lots of lukewarm water. Sean even said, “Mommy ang init mo, pwedeng magluto sa face mo!” – Halika dine amor, lutuan ko face mo hehehe nagtitipid kasi kami sa gaas ang mahal eh bweheheh – kamustasa?

    Hmm pasma or not pasma? Lols I dunno, hindi ako naniniwala sa pasma *knock on wood*

    diwatang_byanings last blog post..Tell it to my heart [Not so Jack and Jill story] Part 2

  6. Thanks Diwa, Glenn and Laarni. Although hindi na ako nilalamig compared last week, pabalik-balik ang fever at head-ache ko kaya I’ll be going to the doctor na this week.