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I Miss My PC

It’s been a week now since my PC broke down. I was online and googling over something when suddenly the blue screen of death (BSOD or stop error) appeared. I wasn’t able to read the error message. I just restarted the PC but it wouldn’t boot up it just beeps continuously, rests and then beep again. Oh shucks!

It’s not my first time to see this blue-screen. That’s why it didn’t shock me at first. But when my PC won’t boot up…. Oh my!

I have a How to Repair a PC book, but I couldn’t comprehend it that much. I’m not really good in hardware, but I had to check what causes the error. I removed the HD, and RAM but nothing’s changed. I thought that maybe the motherboard is the problem. I don’t know what else to do. I called up my my husband’s first cousin who has a computer rental/repair shop. He’s the one I turn to whenever I have a PC problem. Nakakahiya nga, kasi he doesn’t charge a thing, only for those parts that were replaced, of course! He confirmed that it’s the motherboard who’s causing the problem. He can boot the PC but it would restart again after few minutes. So I told him I’d rather have a new MoBo (motherboard).

I really miss my PC. I have a lot of things to do pa naman. Mukha na nga akong computer. My day is not fully complete without a PC. But that’s life!

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