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Fun Time with Sean

Yesterday, I was reviewing Sean for their lesson about animals and their youngs. We ended laughing and didn’t finish the review. Here’s how our review/conversations went on.

Sean @ 3 years 5 months

Me: dog?

Sean: puppy!

Me: cat?

Sean: kitten!

Me: cow?

Sean: calf!

Me: chicken?

Sean: chick

Me: pig?

Sean: pig?… uhmmm piggy bank!

Me: haha! anong piggy bank ka dyan, it’s piglet!

Me: sheep?

Sean: lamb!

Me: okay, very good!

I also added other animals that were not discussed in their class.

Me: goat – kid.

Sean: bakit kid? tao ba yun? diba goat nga, eh bakit kid?

Me: ewan ko, basta kid ang tawag sa baby ng goat eh.

Me: kangaroo – joey.

Sean: joey? yung si Joey de leon sa eat bulaga?

Me: hindi! puro ka kalokohan ha. Basta joey ang name ng baby kangaroo!

Me: o sige, review ulit tayo…. dog?

Sean: uhmm dog? dog food!

Me: ngek… hahaha! puro ka nman joke eh!

5 thoughts on “Fun Time with Sean

  1. Amor,
    Natutuwa ako sa inyong mag-ina. Napakagandang eksena, how I wish this scene will also be captured in a telenovela. Children need quality time with their parents. Sean is fortunate enough to have a mom like you. My dad used to do the same with me when I was a kid kaya may ala-ala na nanumbalik sa aking isipan when I read this post. Congratulations Amor for having been a good mother to Sean. Parang gusto ko na rin ang mag-asawa to do the same, hehehe. thanks and LOL.

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  2. Amor,

    Patawa yang dyunanak mo fren. But in fairness, that is a sign of creative thinking. Those who are good in comedy at a young age grow up as intelligent adults. Mas mahirap magisip ng katatawanan kesa kalungkutan fren. You should be proud Sean is showing great potentials.

    Ang ganda naman pala ng bonding time nyo. 🙂

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