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Close to You by Tricia Amper Jimenez

I’ve seen several “close to you lyrics by Tricia Amper” searches in my web stats. They must be disappointed not to see the lyrics in my post about the Close to You CD I bought few months ago. 🙂

Close to You by Tricia Amper Jimenez is also one of my favorite Gospel/Christian songs. Sadly though ‘coz I still can’t upload the song. 🙁

October 12, 2008 Update: Finally, you can now listen to this song. 🙂

Note: The streaming audio can’t be saved as files in your computer. Please buy original album to support the artist.

Close to You
Singer: Tricia Amper Jimenez
Composer: Andrei Dionisio

I need to understand
Your perfect will
Your perfect plan for me
In my life my Lord
Help me to be strong
Lord I need to know
Where I belong
Stay with me I need to get back

Close to you
I’m so afraid to walk alone
I’m needing you
To carry me and make me see
That you will always care

Lord I have lost my way
But now I find myself
I’m here to stay with You
To serve You more o Lord
You’re the one I need
If my life is all that I can give
Take it Lord
I need to get back

(Repeat Refrain then Ad lib, Refrain, Fade)

39 thoughts on “Close to You by Tricia Amper Jimenez

  1. Hi! do you have a minus one cd or tape of all her songs because we’re planning to sing it in our church with my sis. tnx

  2. hello. i love all songs of tricia. do you have lyrics and mp3 copy of her song “miracle.” thanks! God bless you!

  3. hello!!!!

    i love this song so much, but i can't download the music. can you please help me. thanks much! God bless you more! 😉

  4. My mom used to have a copy of this album and I remember listening to it as a child. That song in particular always gives me a peaceful feeling. Can you also send me a copy of it? Would really appreciate it very much. 🙂

  5. hi amor.
    can you pls. tell me where did you bought the
    Cd close to you? Ive been looking for that album
    but unfortunately, they told me its face out..
    I also need a minus one of her album close
    to you..we’re both love her songs..
    Thank you..i will wait for your reply..if u have
    time u can also email me..
    Have a Blessed day..GOD BLESS..

    • I bought the CD in Odyssey SM Manila few years ago. We were browsing the CDs and when I saw Close to you CD, I was surprised and bought it immediately. I’ve been looking for it for such a long time already. I’ve given up hope that I’ll be able to see it pa. Maybe you can email and ask if they’re going to release it again, dami ring nagtatanong sa akin eh.

  6. hi poh!gustong gusto ko po mga songs n trisha amper psboritokopo sa lhat ung close to you cmula pa pagkabata knakanta ko n xa.sana po pagpalain pa tau n Lord..God bless us all!!

  7. hi Ms. Amor! Bkit po hindi complete yun close to you? pwed po ba pkipost yun lahat ng song ni Ms. Tricia Amper sa close to you album nya? favorite ko po lahay ng songs nya. at pwed rin po yun cd version nya na tanging pagasa?. thanks po! GOD BLESS…

      • hi! sana po lahat ng songs ni Ms.Tricia sa album nya yun cd version pkipost po if pwed? Thanks po Ms. Amor….To GOD be the GLORY…

        • Thanks, I am not aware na hindi na complete yung song. It used to be, but I don’t know why hindi na sya complete ngayon. Siguro noong nagpalit ako ng webhost, nagkaproblem sa paglipat ng files. Anyway, I reuploaded it na. Thanks again.