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Solutions to Math Problems

While I was browsing a forum, I stumbled upon these funny math pictures. I find it so hilarious so I tried to google for more pics and saw similar pictures from

I thought of sharing it with you just in case you haven’t seen it yet. I don’t know if you’ll find it funny but for me, it’s such a hit.

These are “funny solutions” to math problems as being illustrated below.

Very Funny Peter

The student named Peter expanded the equation litteraly! Hehe.. why didn’t I think of that before? 😀 He even wrote “etc” which could mean he could have expanded the equation more if he have bigger space to write on.

Find X

Find x? The student must have thought Why do I have to complicate things? So he just encircled the letter x, and wrote “here it is”…. so easy to find eh?

While solving the given equation c=a+b+d, I think the student is overly complicating his answer… that he find no other way out than to….


“hang” himself.


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