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Happy Easter

Happy Easter! Yeah I know, it’s kinda late. Better late than never. 🙂

I was supposed to post this last Sunday but I was too exhausted and sleepy. I feel asleep after reading bedtime stories to Sean the other night. Usually I would let him sleep first and would open the PC only when he’s slumbering. That’s the reason why I’m online mostly at midnight, haha!

Easter Sunday will always be special to us, because it’s the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ; and it’s the time when Sean was born 3 years ago.

Anyway, I received a forwarded email with the subject pass it on… I think I already passed similar email before but since the attached pictures are so beautiful, I decided to show it to you, just in case you haven’t seen any of them.

These are Thomas Kinkade Paintings. It’s rumored to carry a miracle. The water is supposed to be running, so if it’s not moving, then the picture didn’t come through entirely.

Thomas Kinkade Painting

Thomas Kinkade Painting

Here’s what I learned about Thomas Kinkade from Christian Centered Mall

Thomas Kinkade is known as “the Painter of Light.” He is an artist who is best known for painting luminous inspirational scenes of bridges, gardens, gates, gazebos, estates, the great outdoors, hearth and home, cottages, lighthouses, cityscapes, and seascapes.

6 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Amor, you mean birthday ni Sean last Sunday? Kaya pala tahimik sa blog mo ay maingay naman pala sa bahay mo siguro, hehee.

    The water is running and both pictures are magnificent. Yang nasa itaas parang may na-saved ako niyan. The first time I heard about Thomas Kinkade.

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  2. Sa Thursday, March 27 pa ang birthday nya Marlene, nung ipinanganak kasi sya ay Easter Sunday kya kahit hindi nya birthday basta Easter Sunday eh feeling ko birthday nya rin… haha!

    Amor’s last blog post…
    Happy Easter

  3. Naku we just stayed home. I wanted to go to our province to spend the holy week but since I’ll be going there again on May for our clan’s reunion, naisip ko sa May na lang kami magbakasyon. Sayang pamasahe kung pabalik-balik hehe.