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Oops, Sorry!

Oops, Sorry! ‒ Facepalm moment. I broke down my client’s site last night. I designed the site few weeks ago and after receiving the last payment, I thought of customizing the site’s login screen too, although it wasn’t part of our agreement. I added the code to functions.php, updated it but… oops! syntax error, unexpected ‘<‘. Tried the back button, edited the file but of course it can’t be saved anymore. The worst part is, I don’t have FTP or cpanel access, just the WordPress Dashboard as I was working with iThemes Builder.

Had no choice but email the client and ask for FTP details. Now, everything’s back to normal. Lesson learned – Never edit functions.php if you don’t have FTP access and better use a functionality plugin.

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Oh My Gosh Child Theme Skins

Oh My Gosh, the Ghostbird Child theme I’ve been working on and off will be released anytime soon, after a million years! 🙂 It has 5 different color schemes. Wanna take a look?

Update: You can now download Oh My Gosh. Read my post about it, and oh, it has 6 color schemes now.

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Humongous Premium WordPress Themes Competition

Humongous Premium WordPress Themes CompetitionWPShout is hosting a Humongous Premium Themes Competition. You’ll have a chance to win 1 of 30 Premium Themes. To enter the competition, you just have to be subscribed to the WPShout Newsletter until Monday, November 14. Winners will be chosen by random and will be notified through the newsletter.

WPshout is one of my favorite blogs about WordPress, I’ve learned a lot from it. The founder, Alex Denning is also very friendly. I’ve asked him several questions before and he’s so accommodating. He’s a 17 year old multi-talented WordPress Geek from United Kingdom. He’s half my age! 🙂

In April last last year I was lucky to have won Premium WordPress Themes from WPShout. I won WpShowcase Theme Standard Pack (worth $59) sponsored by Gabfire Themes.

Who knows, I’ll also be lucky this time. 🙂

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe to WPShout Newsletter not later than November 14, 2011 to be eligible for the competition.