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  1. greetings madame… do you know how to create a css template? can you share some of your technical knowledge about making that cause i want to make my own web page… cause i want to have a job… can you? thanks for being kind ^_^

    • Thanks for visiting Lux and for following me on Twitter. Most of the time I share links to css templates tutorials through my Twitter account.

      • okie dokie…. thanks for the info… will do that soon ^_^ thanks thanks thanks and more thanks to you ^_^

  2. Hi Amor I found your blog and it's really nice to be here I enjoy reading some of your post here and also other peoples comments. I just follow you. I hope you will find time to visit my site too and please subscribe thank you!

  3. Hey Amor!

    I have custom coded so that the AdSense Ads appears on all my posts after the content.

    However, this has also caused that the posts in the homepage also shows Ads.

    As you can see on my site, my homepage is all ugly with two-three Ads showing right after the featured posts.

    How can I limit the Ads to appear only on the posts pages, but not on the homepage? Also, I wish that only one Ad appears for the first post excerpt of the homepage.

    I want to make use of the ' if (!is_home())' to make this happen.

    Since you must have an idea with codes when I clearly don't, I ask for your help. 😛

    So here's what I want to do:
    Ads appear only on the posts pages except the first post on the homepage.

    Thanks! 🙂

  4. hi po .. just wanna know lang po kung anong KOREANOVELA ang may theme song na KUNG ALAM MO LANG .. pki mail n lng po ..
    thank you so much for immediate response

  5. hello po.. i'm diana, a fan of tricia amper.. just wondering if you could help me find my fave tricia amper song.. it's entitled Miracle.. I wanna use it as my wedding song but i'm having a hard time looking for a copy of it coz its kinda old already..please let me know if ever you have info regarding this song.. thanks and Godbless!!