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Amazing “Dance With My Father” Acoustic Cover

I’ve seen this viral video in Facebook and have played this many times. I’m so amazed by his talent. I love to hear his voice. I learned from the comments that his name is Aldrich Lloyd Talonding and he’s from General Santos. Hope he’ll be discovered. Wish to see them on TV. Ang galing ng Pinoy! 🙂

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Visited Google homepage today and was surprised to see the birthday logo greetings.


Well, that’s something new to me. Thanks Google!

Yes, it’s my 18th birthday, 18 years ago. So it’s my 2nd 18th birthday! 🙂

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Sean’s Field Trip 2012

Sean’s Field Trip 2012

We accompanied Sean on his Field Trip last October 15. Our first stop was Yab Design in Angono, Rizal. It was a wonderful experience. Their products are impressive! No wonder they ship all over the world, with Europe and the …

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Meet Ninox Spilocephala

Meet Ninox Spilocephala, one of the 10 new species of owl discovered in Mindanao by Scientists and birdwatchers.

One of the 10 new species of owl Ninox Spilocephala found on the southern Philippne island of Mindanao | View photo - Yahoo! News

Look at the eyes, what does it tell you? It’s so intense as if it’s telling me “Beware! I am watching you!”

Via Yahoo! News.