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The Types of Criminal Defense Lawyers You Would Not Want To Work With

Criminal Defense

In the event that you are charged with a crime, it is a must that you understand the gravity of the situation. Once you are proven guilty, your life can be ruined. In the long run, you may have to face the consequence of lost reputation, rights, opportunities as well as liberty. Because of these consequences, it is a must that you work with a criminal defense attorney who is reliable and skilled.

In choosing a criminal defense lawyer, there are different types that you should avoid. Here are the types that you will surely not want to work with:

The Inexperienced.

There are lots of lawyers out there who are only good in doing paperwork but do not really have any experiences inside the courtroom. For these criminal defense attorneys, they think that they can get all the courtroom basics down pat in just a short amount of time. They are already great in negotiating various business deals so this one might be just a piece of cake, right? How hard can representing someone in the courtroom be?

Sad to say, this is not reality. First of all, he has no idea about what is the language used inside the courtroom. In addition to that, he has no idea as to what the expectations of the judges and clerks are.

The downside to this is the lawyer is not well versed with the technicalities of a criminal case. You may have the chance to get off with technicality but he had overlooked it. You may have a good chance at winning but sadly, he doesn’t know how to prepare for the case. So save your life and look out for this type of lawyers.

Whine baby

When you first take a look at this type of lawyer, you may think that he is very passionate in winning your case. He is always at your side and he keeps on talking to your judge to help win your case. However, try listening closely to what he is saying when he talks tom the judge. If he presents a great case when talking to your judge, then he must be an expert one. However, there are times when lawyers will just out for the reconsideration or the innocence plea without giving any valid reason why the judge should do so.

The Crammer

One of a great indicator of a good lawyer is he is handling many cases. However, you should understand that having too many cases can surely affect the way on how he will handle your case. If he has one too many cases, then chances are he will not be able to give your case the attention it deserves. In the event that your case has very unusual evidences and details, this will certainly be a big problem for you.

Avoid hiring these types of lawyers if you wish to keep your freedom.

– Guest post by Ron Leyba.

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