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Sports That Are Suitable For Kids

As a parent, I only want what is suitable for my kids. From the clothes they wear, the foods they eat and up to the games or sports they play.

For the foods and clothes, it’s my wife who handles or thinks of them the most. For the games and sports parts, mostly it’s me, the father who is in charge. This made me think to come up with a list of sports or games that are suitable enough for my kids. By the way, the list I got doesn’t include any kind of online or computer games. This is because I want my kids to fully enjoy any kind of game by doing them personally and by not via any kind of gadget or hand held technology.

Kiddie Sports


I think by far, this one is the best option I got. Basketball is a good sport for my kids to learn since it doesn’t involve complex rules or skills to learn. I will really let them learn this game so they won’t end up just playing it online via video games or via fantasy basketball. I am quite sure they will love these sports.


Although I am not good at this kind of game or sport, I think I can teach them the basics of it. Badminton is a pretty good sport suitable for kids since its pretty safe for their young minds and bodies. All they need to learn is the basic of racket handling and they are set to go.


Being a mild or safer version of baseball, softball is a suitable sport for them to learn. This sport can also prepare them into the big world of baseball.


Surely this one is a good option as well. Just teaching the basic kicks and pass will surely make them more interested with this kind of sports.

My list above is not yet done. I am still looking out for more options. If you got any good suggestions in mind, I would love to hear them at the comment section.

– Guest post by Ron Leyba.

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