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Online Jobs that will Surely Make Extra Income

There are so many online jobs available for work-at-home people like me that will surely make me earn extra income. From a simple data entry or virtual assistant kind of job, up to the consulting and online coaching type of job. With the great technology we have nowadays, it seems like all kinds of job or task are doable just by using your computer and of course, with the help of the internet.

online jobs

When you search for the term “online job” using your favorite search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.), there are literally millions of websites and pages that discusses and promises you good income or return of investment by just trying out their website or even doing the task they have for you. I can say that some of them are pretty legit and legal while some of them are only spammers and the worst, scammers.

Yours truly tried few online jobs before and few of them are really worth the time and sometimes, the investment to get and perform. Below are some of my favorite work from home gigs that gave me extra income, that is helping me pay my bills in the long run.

Photography Jobs
Photography job is a job included in my list of favorite online job. Why? simply because, I enjoy doing this kind of task and I am earning quite a good money from it. Online photography jobs goes like, you do capture or shoot images and pictures that you think are good then you sell it online. If you wanted to take this online job into much higher level, then you can set up a website and showcase there your image portfolio. If taken seriously, this kind of job will land you in a good position or level and will surely give you good income for the days and years to follow.

Freelance Writing Jobs
Writing jobs online are quite the most famous work from home or make money online kind of career. Why? because almost all people, businesses (small, medium or big businesses) who have web site, web pages, and blog needs content and they need someone who can write. This means a never ending opportunity for writers out there. Freelance writing jobs online is one job that pays good and pretty easy and simple to do. Just like with photography jobs, you can set up a simple website, blog or page for yourself offering your writing services to take your career into a much higher level.

Those are just two of the many online jobs I already tried and tested. I shared them out to you so you can save a lot of time and headache looking for an online job that are good and pays for real. I hope it helps you out.

– Guest Post by Ron Leyba

7 thoughts on “Online Jobs that will Surely Make Extra Income

  1. Hello, Amor! I am surprised that there’s really an online photography job, If I just have a DSLR Camera, this is a good source of extra income! Tnx for sharing! =)

  2. Someday, I will try photography job. For now, I want to hone my photographing skill before jumping on the wagon of photographers. Di ko alam meron palang job online na ganito.

    • I’m also interested in photography although wala pa akong DLSR, pricey kasi masyado, di kaya ng powers ko. But this online job is good din diba. Following your passion and earning as well.

  3. My friends do English tutorials for Korean students online and the pay is good.But I do not know what site it was. My brother do 3d animation and video editing online. Online job agencies got almost a thousand works available online. If they only search for it.

  4. Absolutely. It’s one the beauties of working online, the range of jobs is almost limitless. Just looking at some of the online postings on, you can see just an overview of what I’m saying. Although freelancing is a bit competitive, but I think that is good because it makes us want to be better.