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How To Make Your Kids Love Brown Rice


Let’s face it; brown rice is not that awesome when it comes to its taste. While it is healthy and the better choice of rice; not everyone likes its dry, paper-like taste. Especially for kids, I don’t blame them if they won’t touch their plates with brown rice on them.

So, how to make your kids love brown rice? Here’s some tips coming from the chef of quick and easy recipes .

The trick is to slowly switch from white rice to brown rice. The glutinous white rice is sweet and definitely tastier than brown rice. For kids especially, the best kind of taste is a sweet taste. It’s the first taste they (or we) appreciate in this world, after all. So, make the transition painless for them as much as possible.

Try mixing brown rice with 2 other types of rice – white and red rice. White rice so the sweetness in rice is still there. But just a cup since the intention is for them to eat more of brown rice. Add red rice into the mix to give a different color, texture and flavor to the rice. It’s not as gooey as the white rice; and not as hard as the brown rice. It’s a good middle ground between the 2 other kinds. When mixed altogether, you’ll get a good consistency and the flavor is just right for both kids and grown-ups.

If you’ve tried cooking brown rice, you would know that it takes a longer time to cook; and more water is required. For this mix, you need to double your rice water. If you’re cooking 2 cups for your household, put 4 cups of water in the rice cooker. Don’t worry about the white rice getting soaked up in water for too long. The brown rice would absorb most of the water. You’d still get perfectly cooked rice.

How to Cook Brown Rice with the 3-2-1 Mix

  1. Put the following in one dry container:
    • 3 cups of brown rice
    • 2 cups of red rice
    • 1 cup of white rice
  2. Mix well and keep in a dry place.
  3. When cooking, put the number of cups you need for your household in the rice cooker.
  4. Rice water should be twice the number of cups of rice you are cooking.
  5. When the rice cooks, see if the rice is well done.
  6. Turn off the cooker and let the rice sit for another 5 minutes before serving.

Note: If the rice is happens to be undone, add a quarter cup of water and let it simmer. If needed, let the rice dry up by opening its lid with the rice cooker turned off.

About The Author
Ron is a Filipino foods and recipes blogger who co-owns CookingLikeAPro.Net – the home of quick and easy recipes online.

Image Credit: Brown Rice Image by Arria Belli shared via Flickr under a Creative Commons (CC BY-SA 2.0) license.

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  1. hi mommy amor.. it’s been a while. i like brown rice talaga and the kids like it too.. i like it kasi nga malakas ako kumain.. hehe.. at least kahit full na pakiramdam ko hindi sya masyado nakakataba.. 🙂