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Common Apartment Design Problems (and the Best Ways to Address It)

Old Style ApartmentIf you are looking for the perfect apartment, you must know as early as now (sorry to burst your bubble) that there are no such things as a perfect apartment. Browse through various apartments for rent and you will see the truth behind this statement. There is no apartment that is designed the way you want it to be.

In addition to this, there will always be something wrong in the design of the houses for rent that you would take a look at. If you wish to find one without a design problem, it may take you years to do so. Instead of spending too much time searching for the perfect apartment, we suggest that you invest some time to learn how you can address or fix the common apartment design problems that you may encounter.

Here are some of the most common apartment design complaints and the different ways on how you can turn it around:

Apartment Design Problem #1: Low Ceilings
All of us wish to have high ceilings as it can boost the elegance factor of the home. Sadly, not all apartments are blessed with this one. What’s worse is, most apartments have ceilings that are lower than the usual ceiling height of most homes. The bad thing about low ceiling is that it makes the little apartment space look much more crowded and more cramped.

The Solution: Lucky for you, there are simple ways on how you can address this problem. First, it is advised that you use lots of light colors in your living room. You can try painting the walls white, nude or beige. If that is something that may get you into trouble with your landlord, then you can try decorating your home with various light colored pieces of furniture and accessories.

Apartment Design Problem #2: Small Windows
Many people would love an apartment that has adequately sized windows. However, there are some apartments that only have small windows. As a result, the place looks a lot darker, dull and boring. The smaller the window is, the lesser the light it can bring.

The Solution: If you wish to make your apartment look brighter (despite having small windows), you can try using sheer curtains. By doing so, you can have the right amount of privacy in your home. At the same time, it will allow adequate light to pass through your small windows. Another solution is to place lamps in the darker areas of your home.

Apartment Design Problem #3: Small Closet Space
A small closet space can be a big problem, especially for renters that have way too many items. Living in a cramped space can surely be a tough problem to deal with. The unfortunate part is, most apartments that you can find exhibit this type of problem.

The Solution: Before you turn down every apartment with small closet space that you encounter, think about the ways on how you can create a storage of your own. Today, there are many storage solutions that you can take advantage of. These include wicker baskets, cabinets, ottoman and many more.

There you have it — easy breezy ways to address different types of apartment design problems.

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