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Barbie Dress Up Games

Barbie is the world famous doll. There is no doubt that Barbie dolls are the best selling dolls of all time. Barbie dolls’ dominance in the offline world is so evident. Kids as well as Barbie dolls collectors goes gaga everytime they see or hear a new Barbie doll (Barbie in a new character or with new fashion style) will be released.

barbie dress up games

On the other hand, Barbie dress up games is now starting to dominate, or let’s say, populate the online world. Barbie arcade games websites pop here and there from time to time. But only few of them stand the test of time.

Some Barbie dress up games web page seems to only last for few months or a year. The reason behind it is simple; there is no one visiting or playing the games they offer. Maybe, it’s the design, the site architecture or the game itself.

A good Barbie games website should offer a very unique, fun, exciting and educational dress up games. This web page always and will always last for a long time. They will receive more and more players and visitors not to mention the refferals they can have. At the gaming side, a good Barbie dress up games web page should have a very basic and clear playing instruction. They should always remember, that their main players are young kids and teens so they should design their game how-to’s at this age level.

Playing Barbie dress up games is not only for pure fun and entertainment, it can be educational as well. Players’ creative and artistic mind will be enhanced and practiced while playing this game. They will have to choose the best color combination and the right style fashion for their online Barbie doll.

– Guest Post by Ron Leyba

5 thoughts on “Barbie Dress Up Games

  1. Great point Amor!

    It is indeed true that not many Barbie online games survive through the competitive market.

    They need to think of an unique strategy to dominate the teens and grab their not-so-lasting attention.

    BTW, the Barbie game screenshot above in the post is actually a Korean game. 😛

  2. Kung marami lang kaming pera nung maliit pa ako ay siguro nag-collect na rin ako ng barbie dolls. Di ko na nga maalala kung may doll ba ako. 🙂
    But the modern tech changes the way the kids play their barbie dolls. They can even play with them online. Cool!

  3. Kenneth, Codewalkz, and Glenn, thanks for your comment. This is actually a guest post by Ron Leyba. 🙂

    Marlene, pangarap ko ring magkaroon ng Barbie. Minsan nga pag nasa toy store kami, sinasabi ko kay Sean na bili kami ng Barbie doll, he would say di naman daw sya girl. Sabi ko naman di naman para sa yo, para sa akin. Bakit daw, bata pa daw ba ako para maglaro ng Barbie?