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Free Domain for 1 Year at 1&1 Domain

I’m happy to get a Free Domain from 1&1 Domains for one year. I was interested in that Free Domain so I signed up last week. I also want to know if it’s real. 🙂

I thought it wasn’t true because  I’ve been checking for days but still haven’t received a notification/confirmation aside from the first email they sent when I signed up . It took 5-6 days before I received the email that says the domain was successfully registered. But it’s worth the wait. I was so glad to see their email in my inbox. I can finally say it’s true!

my free domain

Free Domain I got from 1&1 Domains

The new domain is forwarded/re-directed to my other site.  I want it to be the main domain for My WP Playground.  It’s nice that I can edit the DNS,  but am not sure if I’m doing things right,  as this is the first time I ever edited the DNS. Not sure what to do next,  so I reverted to the default setting for the meantime.

And before I forget, the free domain offer is available until June 30 so if you’re interested, just visit and click the domains link.

16 thoughts on “Free Domain for 1 Year at 1&1 Domain

  1. I asked hubby how much we're paying for our domains and I was shocked cos it's really cheap, mas cheaper kesa dun sa sinabi mong price. Kasi the more domains we register, the lesser we pay daw. May domain ksi sana akong i-register. Hmm, pag dating sa DNS at domain transfer wala akong "world" niyan. Hubby's the one dealing with it. 🙂
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    • Mas cheap pa yung nabili nyo? Anong registrant nyo? Teka macheck nga sa whois hehe. Try nyo kaya mag tayo ng web hosting, domain registration, etc. 😉

      Cheaper nga kapag mas maraming biniling domain. Pero yung $8.99 domain nila is cheaper than my current registrant. Itong domain ko kasi ay registered sa Philhosting, I started with 600 per year yata, now 500 per year na. Mas mura ito ng konti hehe.

      About the DNS, I already messaged someone about it pero busy ata laging offline at invisible. Di nagpaparamdam. Kukulitin ko nga ulit. 😀

  2. Tagal ko di nagcomment dito ah hehe, pero nag read ako sa new post mo via Bloglines. Mukang may new projects ka sa kinuha mo domain ah. Thanks sa pag share try ko din mag register domain, sayang FREE din to! 🙂

    • Okay lang Glenn, no problem. 🙂
      Not really new project. Parang old na new haha. Kasi last year pa naman itong site pero di ko naman naa-update, 2 posts lang. Hopefully, mas ma update ko sya ngayon. 🙂

      You're welcome. Oo nga, sayang din yung 1 year free. 🙂

    • Walang response kahit yung parang welcome? sayang naman. Sige Ate Kap pag may nabalitaan po akong mga libre or murang domain, will post ulit. Will pm you in FB din. 🙂

  3. I am glad to be here Mam Amor. I am interested to have new domain with no cost at all. Great share! I will visit it after reading your other post 🙂

  4. be sure to check muna yung mga policies and contracts baka masayang yung domain name mo, there are some hostings na after a year sisingilin ka ng malaki or else owned nila yung domain name mo or blocked yung access mo sa DNS para di mo mapalitan… kung di mo babayaran… though meron mga solutions… pero sayang sa oras minsan…
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  5. sayang, di ko agad nabasa ito… nagbabalak pa naman kasi akong gawin ng dot com ung isang blog ko… anayways, banag abang na lang ulit 😛