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Facebook is Down

Facebook is down. No need to panic,  Facebook addicts! Hehehe. What could be the reason? Maybe they’re cooking up something? A redesign? A new theme? I don’t know! Let’s just wait and see.  🙂

And now, few minutes later, they’re back to regular programming! 🙂 Salamat. Thank You. Terima kasih. Merci!

7 thoughts on “Facebook is Down

    • OO nag down sila, di mo ba na-experience? Sandali lang naman kasi. Few minutes lang.

      Pero okay lang na mag down sandali, may twitter naman eh. 😛

  1. Yeah, I've read about this before.
    Finally, facebook were down. Haha.

    Hey, I just saw the words "salamat" and "terima kasih"
    I believe both are from my language. Owh maybe they have different meanings in your langunge?
    Just wondering.

    I'm from malaysia, but now studying in Canada.
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