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Saw Google notification about a comment on YouTube. I was wondering why, I don’t remember commenting on it. When I clicked the link, saw this comment  on PopularMMOs’ Minecraft video.


It was Sean’s comment! He loves to watch PopularMMOs, Dantdm and Ssundee’s Minecraft videos.

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My Kiddie Chef

My Kiddie Chef

Sean won 1st place in the Cooking Contest Breakfast Category held on July 23 for their Nutrition Month activity. He bested Grades 5 and 6. 🙂 They were asked who want to join the cooking contest, and to choose which category; breakfast, …

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Chat with Sean

Kids are really curious and innocent! This is one of our conversations last October. Being forgetful, I jot it down somewhere, lest I forget it. Thought of posting it here as well. And I guess I’ll be posting more of this.

Sean: Mommy ilang taon ka ng ipinanganak mo ako? (Mommy how old were you when you gave birth to me?)

Me: 28

Sean: Ano?! 28 ka pa lang may baby ka na? (What?! You were only 28 and you already have a baby?)

Me: Matanda na yung 28 ano, yung iba nga 16 pa lang may baby na, at ang pinakabatang mommy, 5 years old lang. (28 is old already, others as young as 16 already have babies, the youngest mommy is only 5 years old)